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As cameras become increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives, odd events and mystifying moments seem to be more frequently caught on film.

YouTube user Top5s has compiled a head-scratching collection of photos and videos which appear to defy explanation.

Included in the cases featured in the film is that of an eerie image of a ghostly little girl that was taken by a game camera positioned in a North Carolina forest.

Purportedly located a half mile from any houses or paths, the patch of wilderness is particularly remote, which made the man who owned the property all the more perplexed when he checked the camera and spotted the little girl.

What makes the image particularly unsettling is both her apparition-like appearance and that she seems to be poorly dressed for the temperatures at the time the image was taken, which has left many to wonder if, indeed, she is a ghost.

Although a similar story unfolded earlier this year in upstate New York and was solved within a few days, this 2013 photo was never explained and, to this day, the little girl has never been identified.

Another unnerving case detailed in the collection comes from a notorious bridge in California which has been the site of an inordinate number of suicides.

As a group of motorcyclists were crossing Pasadena’s Colorado Street bridge, a rider who was outfitted with a video camera spotted a young woman standing on the side of the road.

Knowing the macabre history of the site, the group of motorcyclists decide to find the girl in the hopes that she is not considering jumping from the bridge as so many other unfortunate individuals have in the past.

However, when they return to the spot where they saw her, the girl is gone and, they claim, not enough time had passed for the young woman to have made it off of the bridge on foot.

Since, according to police, there were no recorded suicides from the site that evening, the group was left to wonder who exactly they had just seen and if, perhaps, she was someone who had actually taken their life at the bridge sometime in the past.

Check out the complete video for other photos and videos that are both confounding and quite chilling.



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