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Footage from two different locations captured what many believe is the same incident of what looks like a huge fireball.

The first video, taken in Louisiana yesterday, shows something seemingly falling from the sky with a huge trail of smoke behind.

A second video was then uploaded the same night from neighbouring state Texas.

apocalpytic skyTWITTER

UFO: There was plenty of speculation over what the bizarre apocalyptic looking object was

“It looked like a bomb coming down.”


Again it shows a huge object falling to the ground surrounded by a bright reddish colour and a massive trail behind it.

One Twitter user who saw the event described it as a “burning fire falling out of (the) sky.”

Another added: “It looked like a bomb coming down.”

UFO hunters were quick to speculate what the weird phenomenon was, with some suggesting it was a strange weather feature while others thought it could be a downed satellite.

But not everyone was so serious, with one Reddit user suggesting: “Maybe Superman coming to Earth from Krypton?”

Most, however, thought it was a central from a plane caught in the sunset.



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