UFO Sighting in DuPont, Washington on 2017-09-22 03:15:00 – Saw a star like object moving fast back and forth across the sky.

Saw a star like object moving fast in a northwest direction, i thought it was a satellite until it changed direction in very fast tight u shaped turns back and forth across the sky covering 40-60 miles in seconds, it would stop abruptly and sit from time to time then rapidly accelerate and move back and forth across the sky. there were patchy clouds in the sky illuminated by the city and it would dissappear in or above the clouds briefly. it lasted for about 20 minutes or so, i had to stop watching to go to work so it was probably still going on after i went inside.

UFO Sighting in North Caldwell, New Jersey on 2014-06-12 08:15:00 – This is a follow-up to case # 72359 – added by ed dobson. please add this info to case.

This entry is a follow-up to a case i called in previously. the interview was conducted by ed dobson. the current case number is 72359. i am adding this addendum after recently viewing a tv episode involving ufos and military sightings. the case presented in the show is a january 2017 sighting over lakenheath, uk, by two fighter pilots. they described a small (basketball/medicine ball), black, “rock-like” object at 17,000 feet. a computer-generated artist’s conception is included in the segment. the animated ufo in the program has significant similarities to the object i witnessed. to begin with, it is a very specific shape. the color and flight characteristics also match. while the pilots only report seeing one of these objects, i watched two – possibly joined by a “crossbeam.” the similarities are such that i have incorporated a screenshot from the show into my own rendering. please add the attached image to my case profile. i am sending two other shots that i approximated in photoshop. they show the object in relation to its surroundings. thanks ss

UFO Sighting in Medina, Ohio on 2017-09-22 08:00:00 – Oblong object bright as sun slowly drifts then accelerates out of sight

Sitting at table, noticed bright object against blue sky moving very slowly, in the north west, probably moving west. size of aspirin at arm’s length. quickly got 7×35 binoculars and observed extremely bright oblong shape, airplane like, with two bumps at each end. assumed it to be a plane but the motion was extremely slow. no visible wings, no contrail, no sound, no rotors. no discernible markings anywhere. no running lights. no blinking lights. though perhaps it was an old huey helicopter with the rotors at each end, but the shape wasn’t quite right and there was no evidence rotors were at work. object probably lit by rising sun, highly reflective. moved as slow as a helicopter but no ground thumping roar. we have military helicopters flying around here frequently and their noise footprint is always loud and rumbling, unmistakable. object moved slowly to the east as i observed it first in clear sky, then moving behind trees, they clearly visible. it turned north heading just east of medina city and accelerated at a rapid pace, during which the shape changed to a flat “u” shape. i watched as it went out of sight over roof tops. at no time were any wings visible. it seemed to have a tail but nothing like i have seen before, rather organic in appearance rather than the angular shape of a plane’s stabilizer. the view through binoculars was very clear. no thought to video it for some reason.

Upcoming: Engineering the Weather/ Open Lines

Air Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017

First half: Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment called geoengineering. This includes various weather modification techniques including chemtrails and HAARP as well as GMO crops. He will join Jimmy Church (email) to discuss why he believes our extreme weather is all the result of geoengineering. Followed by Open Lines in the second half.