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2016 turned out to be a pretty busy year for Bigfoot as the creature ‘starred’ in no less than nine videos from locations around the world while also finding itself mixed up in the usual misunderstandings that always seem to befall the beloved cryptid.

Rather than ranking the best Bigfoot films of the year, since they are all special in their own way, we’ll simply share our five favorite from 2016:

1) Bigfoot spied on by a streaming webcam aimed at an eagle’s nest in Michigan.

2) Russian dashcam films Yeti scrambling across the road.

3) Bigfoot buries game camera in California.

4) British Bigfoot filmed pushing on a tree.

5) Bigfoot-like creature wanders under waterfall in Indonesia.

We would be remiss in not bestowing a dishonorable mention to the Idaho ‘Bigfoot’ drone video which generated tremendous interest, but was then revealed to be a hoax by the laughing creator of the film.

Despite that setback and the fact that all of the Bigfoot videos of 2016 failed to confirm that Bigfoot is real, there was some promising new research towards that goal over the past year.

An exhaustive study out of Oklahoma came to some remarkable conclusions about Bigfoot behavior and a Washington professor put forward the theory that bite marks on bones could prove the existence of the creature.

But it wasn’t all good news for Bigfoot in 2016 as the creature its usual share on controversy this year as well.
Revelations that a college administrator used state funds to study Bigfoot caused an uproar in New Mexico which portrayed the innocent creature as a laughing stock to rest of the country.

Meanwhile, the decision by a town in Minnesota to call itself the ‘Home of Bigfoot‘ set the stage for a cryptozoological civil war as other communities scrambled to declare themselves Sasquatch country.

But, as evidenced by the creature’s considerable presence in TV commercials and other merchandising efforts, Bigfoot belongs to no one and everyone at the same time.

Such is the paradox of Bigfoot in 2016: nearly inescapable in pop culture yet still incapable of being actually proven.

However, following a year in which the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and Donald Trump was elected president, the expression “anything is possible” has taken on new meaning and hopefully bodes well for Bigfoot in 2017.



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