UFO Sighting in Jamestown, Ohio on 1998-08-31 01:30:00 – Approached intersection as passenger, car stalled, humming orbed object passed, traveled down the road, hovered over trees and disappeared.

It was the fall of ’98, the sky was clear with a crisp breeze. we were driving down paintersville new jasper road, me and my friend, in a t-bird with the top off. we had left a friends house in jamestown and the radio was blaring some kind of hip-hop music at the time; we were just enjoying the night. we approached the stop sign at paintersville new jasper and waynesville jamestown road. as the car came to a stop, a second or two later, the vehicle completely stalled and the radio cut out. we tried to start the vehicle several times but it would not start, and off in the distance we began to hear a faint low hum that was getting closer. as we began to look about, a somewhat large orb began to approach, and seemed to be draining the lights from the surrounding area, or seemed to be absorbing in light. the objects size was large but i have nothing to compare the size to and the object had a faint sliver-ish glow about it as it passed over in front of us in the sky. as the object proceeded to head down waynesville jamestown road the vehicle started back up on its own. we sat there staring in complete silence and then i said “go after it!” my friend made a left onto waynesville jamestown road and sped on after the object. the object was on the left hand side of the road and above the tree line. the object stopped and was hovering above a small patch of woods and i kept telling my friend “faster”, and he kept yelling out “do you see that?” as we were reaching a speed of 80+ mph on the straight stretch. we came to a stop on a curve, beside a drive-way leading back to a house where the wood patch was at and the object was hovering over. the vehicle was still running, and we sat staring, i was saying to my friend as well “dude, do you see that? he was acknowledging he could see the object as well. we were both excited about the whole event at the time. my friend was bouncing up and down in his seat, we were talking back and forth. as the object hovered over the trees for sometime the object just then disappeared, it didn’t sit there long. we sat there talking for a few minutes about what just happened, turned around in the drive-way and then headed to his mom’s house just down the road.

UFO Sighting in Laval, Quebec on 2018-04-23 17:51:00 – Silver sphere next to short slim chemtrail

I was in the front passenger seat of a car about in chomedey, laval, about 80 feet from a stop sign on notre-dame. as we slowed i looked upwards and saw a silver sphere, then noticed a chemtrail next to it, seemingly an inch long and an eighth of an inch wide. as we slowed to a stop i saw that the sphere, whose diameter was the width of the chemtrail, seemed to be one third grey and two thirds silver, as if reflecting sunlight. i asked the driver if he saw the sphere and the chemtrail next to it and he said he did. we started to turn left and the sphere disappeared, the chemtrail not getting any larger. i did not take my eyes off the chemtrail until the view was blocked by a building a few seconds later.

Alien Encounter in Ogdensburg, New Jersey on 2017-09-14 02:00:00 – Woke up with straight line dots on hand.

I was sleeping. woke up and noticed 3 dots on my hand. recently like 4/15/18 i had 3 dots on my ankle after i shared the photo of my hand on facebook they are hiding the marks. im afraid of what they are doing to me because i’m exposing time travel. i don’t remember anything about the actual abductions. some strange dreams maybe about going extremely fast. in fact the santa clause commercial about “wanting to go to space” (on espn) (was in the winter) and i was sometimes excited to go…. if i was abducted. but that was strange because i literally asked them that…. in my unconscious state…. what made me notice it was… looking at my hand… but youtube recommended a spider on someones hand to me that day. n i knew right away. i saw mothman in 2015 on my deck. i am scared/mad which is why im telling you but mostly want it documented by people. …Also i had a bald spot on my head…Thought i was going bald for a few months…And my hair grew back…Like a nickel sized circle on my head… grew back…My ex knows about the bald spot but i don’t talk to her…N she would think i still have it..

UFO Sighting in New York, New Jersey on 2018-04-21 00:00:00 – Shape of lights

My daughter and her husband and some friends when to see the skyline of new york city from hoboken new jersey on april 21st 2018 my daughter’s husband took some pictures on one of them you can see the lights high on top of the empire state building, when he took the picture he looked to see how it came out and he showed the lights on the top of the empire state building and at the same time he looked across the river to manhattan and he didn’t see the lights he asked his friends also and no one could see it with the nake it eye but you can see the lights on the picture when you zoom in little and they have a shape, i have the picture.

Black Triangle Sighting in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota on 2018-04-21 00:00:00 – 3 orange lights or maybe 3 pairs close together flew by at an amazing speed.

Finally some nice weather in minnesota a neighbor and i were out infront of my garage closing down the night and as always my eyes are in the sky. he looking at moon did not see anything me looking just under the moon into the darkness, between the street light and moon. all of the sudden i see these 3 or possibly 6 orange lights fly by at a silent and astonishing speed. i really wish he would have seen something… honestly covering that part of the sky in just 2-4 seconds. the lights were tight and the object seemed smaller than a passenger jet. but with the darknes and its speed it is hard to tell what altitude it was at. the lights appeared to be that of one craft. i lost track of it as the street light blocked its path. this is totally unlike the one i saw on 12.4.16 which was slow silent and very large and traveling in the opposite direction.

UFO Sighting in Pomona, California on 2018-03-06 22:02:00 – Bright red orb, sphere in shape above a home.

I was coming home in my vehicle about 930 n 10 pm when i turned into my street and thought i saw a police helicopter above my neighbors home. as i got closer i rolled down my window and didn’t hear anything and thought, there’s something wrong! i pulled up to my drive way and got out to see this bright red orb like thing station above my neighbors house. it did not move at all so i reached into my pocket for my cell phone as i was looking for camera mode i just felt something weird , i looked up and saw this thing almost above my head when it stoped , dropped about a foot and sped off to the south.. i’ve been a little troubled ever since this incident. it seen me through its bright light , it was nearly above me when i caught it creeping near above my head and when it was caught it sped off. forgive me of my grammar, i’m just shaken a bit..

UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 1994-01-10 03:06:00 – 2008-01-08 stephenville, texas ufo sightings stephenville, texas, dublin, texas, crawford, texas united states ufos were, and are sometimes still reported from this area. one was an object described as 1 mile i

Attention: crawford, texas… i love you all and respect you… i am afraid though… does george bush eat people like jeffrey dahmer did in allis wisconsin? i am a victim.. read my material below.. this has been going on a long time… i am scared a lil… he can’t control himself… i get hit for a lot of blood everyday… i can barely survive… did something alien bite him @ the ranch in crawford, texas? was it a vampire-like creature or a wolf or alien or something? can you stop it from harming me? again, i love you but don’t let it kill me… it owes me money and a lot of money for this… i will give you some of it if you help me… i have contacted everyone about this also.. it loves my blood too much… its a stalker aslo… i can barely breathe sometimes it bothers me so much… thank you!

UFO Sighting in Broadlands, Virginia on 2018-04-20 22:00:00 – Pulsating orb that later changed to a bright chevron shape

On 04/20/2018 at approximately 2200 hours in ashburn, virginia i observed what appeared to be a stationary orb off in the distance. the object in question was off towards the west of my location at an unknown distance. i observed the object seemingly pulsate between green and white lights, all while it still remained stationary. during this time i observed that airplanes from the nearby airport were flying nearby and were flying at typical speeds and exhibiting a typical trajectory. unlike the greenish-white pulsating orb, the airplanes i observed in the distance exhibited the usual aircraft lights on the undercarriage of red, blue, and white. as time progressed, i observed that the orb had raised ever so slightly in the night sky. it was at this time i witnessed the object appear to make some sort of rotation, thus exposing what appeared to be a chevron shaped object with pulsating white lights along the edges of the chevron. upon seeing this i chose not to view the object any further due to time constraints.

UFO Sighting in Manheim, Pennsylvania on 2018-04-22 17:14:00 – Looked to me to appear like lunar lander

Was traveling on 81s towards harrisburg,pa, was on what the locals call lavelle mountain.Just all of a sudden this object appeared over the interstate and appeared to hover stationary for like 20 seconds and quickly went into the trees on my right at a high rate of speed. object appeared quite large. at first i thought it was some type of drone but it moved too fast to be one,kinda looked like a lunar lander in my opinion. i was shocked by what i saw and got emotional. when i had passed the spot where i thought the object would be but found nothing.