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Photos showcasing a modest home for sale near Ontario have become a viral sensation thanks to the owners’ astounding collection of clown memorabilia.

Located in the Canadian city of Brantford, numerous large rooms in the home are filled from floor to ceiling with a vast array of dolls, paintings, and other clown-themed regalia.

The clown collection clearly caught the eye of someone perusing homes in the area and, as one might expect, the images from inside the house quickly went viral and spawned headlines around the world.

Incredibly, it appears that the homeowners’ unique obsession could be profitable as their realtor says that the attention received by the clown collection will likely lead to them getting more than the current asking price of $174,800.

Whether that includes the clowns remains to be seen.

As to the origins of the collection, the son of the family who owns the house revealed a remarkable backstory for the clown to the website Vice.

According to Michael McMannis, his mother began collecting the clowns nearly 25 years ago in a novel attempt at getting her husband, his step-father, to curb his drinking.

With each clown representing a time they’d go out and the man would not partake in spirits, the family eventually amassed an incredible 1,500 of the haunting harlequins.

And, lest one think that the collection is of any incredible value, McMannis burst that bubble as well when he revealed that the family essentially settled on any clown they could find, regardless of value.

This, he explains, is why there are a lot of trinkets from McDonalds to be found throughout the abode.

When the house does get sold, McMannis told Vice, all the clowns as well as his parents will be moving into his home.

We can imagine that he’s thrilled about that.

Source: BBC News / Vice



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