Cluster of UFOs Filmed at Mexican Border?



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A strange video making the rounds online purportedly shows a cluster of anomalous glowing orbs flying across the Mexican border into United States and that may not even be the strangest thing about the footage.

Believed to have been filmed at the Tijuana border, the minute long clip was allegedly posted to an Instagram account this past week.

In the perplexing footage, several luminous lights hover in the clouds above the border checkpoint as observers point their cellphones in the sky to capture the odd sight.

After wracking up over 30,000 views and 200 comments, it is said that the video was abruptly removed from the social media site.

Nonetheless, the video was salvaged by a popular YouTube UFO vlogger, who shared the footage and story with their viewers.

As one might expect, the surprise removal of the video from Instagram has piqued the interest of UFO enthusiasts perhaps more than the footage itself.

Some have suggested that it was removed at the behest of the ‘powers that be’ in an attempt to continue covering up the reality of UFOs.

The skeptics’ response to the video would likely be to argue that the ‘UFOs’ are simply natural phenomena and that the original source of the video just deleted it due to the unexpected and perhaps unwanted attention that it garnered.

A third option to explain the video could be that the craft were genuine flying objects, but that they were terrestrial in origin and possibly a test of advanced American aircraft aimed at monitoring the Mexican border.

And, once the footage popped up online, it was quickly taken down in order to keep the technology under wraps.

Should that be the case, one assumes that the United States government is happy to let people think the orbs were aliens and won’t be issuing a clarification to the media anytime soon.

Check out the footage and let us know what you think was spotted in the sky that day at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: The Sun



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