Could This Capsule Explain the Rendlesham UFO Incident?



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A UFO researcher in the UK has put forward an intriguing theory to explain the infamous incident in Rendlesham Forest which has come to be known as ‘Britain’s Roswell.’

The now-legendary case, which purportedly spanned three nights in December of 1980, has baffled students of the phenomenon for nearly four decades.

Much like many prominent UFO events, the Rendlesham Forest Incident has spawned numerous books, TV specials, and other features detailing the case as well as a myriad of interpersonal conflicts among researchers and witnesses.

The subject of considerable debate and investigation, the notorious event has remained unexplained to this day, but a UFO researcher in the UK believes he may have solved the mystery.

Presenting his findings at a conference over the weekend, Russ Callaghan argued that the purported ‘alien’ craft seen in the forests of England was, in fact, of terrestrial origin.

The basis of his argument is that the ‘UFO’ came from the United State Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron which was stationed at the nearby air base at the time.

This particular group was tasked with recovering film from spy satellites which was dropped to the Earth in a capsule and, in preparation for such a mission, the ARRS members practiced using a similarly-shaped prop known as a ‘boilerplate.’

Although the presence of the ARRS at the air force base during the incident has been known by UFO researchers for quite some time, the theory that they were inadvertently behind the event had been largely dismissed since there had previously been no indication of any specific connection.

However, Callaghan claims to have found a new nugget of information that could establish that the ARRS did, indeed, have a hand in the Rendlesham Forest event.

According to his research, on the night in question, an ARRS-enlisted helicopter was en route to drop off the test capsule for a training mission, but ran into difficulties and ditched the prop … in Rendlesham forest.

A subsequent recovery of the test capsule would seemingly account for the second round of strange lights in the sky.

Should Callaghan’s be correct, the ‘UFO’ at the center of the legendary incident eventually made its way back to the United States where it is housed at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (and can be seen above).

Callaghan contends that the vaguely triangular shape of the capsule accounts for the witness descriptions of the ‘UFO’ as well as the fact that it apparently sat on three legs.

Additionally, he argues that the ARRS would not have been required to debrief the commanding officer at the air force base during the incident, which would explain why the event was shrouded in mystery.

As one might expect, the researchers theory has been met with some skepticism from UFO enthusiasts who say that the ARRS theory cannot account for other details surrounding the case such as the speed with which the craft allegedly departed the scene.

Nonetheless, should Callaghan be able to produce documentation to prove that the ARRS helicopter incident took place at the time of the ‘UFO crash,’ one would certainly have to take a second look at the event in light of this new information.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the legendary Rendlesham Forest incident can check out USAF base commander Col. Charles Halt’s first-hand account of the event on the 11/18/2012 edition of the program.

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