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The long-awaited book from Blink-182 co-founder Tom DeLonge about his investigation into UFOs is already making news prior to release and that may just be the calm before the storm.

The eagerly anticipated work, co-authored with acclaimed researcher Peter Lavenda, is titled Sekret Machines: Gods and will be available on March 7th.

The release date announcement from DeLonge has led to yet another round of media coverage concerning his exploration of the UFO phenomenon with reactions ranging from wonderment to the usual derision aimed at ETs.

Despite some in the media appears to be just discovering DeLonge’s interest in unraveling the UFO enigma, it is not a particularly new revelation.

The rock star’s UFO enthusiasm most recently popped up in the headlines back in October when his email to John Podesta concerning the subject appeared in the infamous Wikileaks cache.

He also published a non-fiction book under the Sekret Machines brand last year and has teased plans for more extensive video projects in the future.

However, it’s likely that his new book will be one of the biggest stories of 2017 in both the UFO research community and in the broader mainstream media.

Purportedly informed by interviews with a variety of scientific and military sources, one assumes that some of these individuals shared ‘secrets’ about the phenomenon or, at the very least, educated insights.

As such, the potential new details about the phenomenon are sure to be feverishly parsed over by UFO researchers and trumpeted by the media with garish headlines, so gird your loins for that development.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, DeLonge explained that the work is “designed to shake people up, to make them question their assumptions” and intimated that the UFO enigma may have a strong connection to various religions.

Coast Insiders looking to learn a little bit more about what might be contained in the book should check out DeLonge’s riveting four-hour interview with George Knapp from 3/27/2016 where he detailed some of his remarkable findings up until that point.

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Source: Rolling Stone



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