Eerie Activity Reported at Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home



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A contractor hired to remodel the childhood home of serial killer Ted Bundy reportedly experienced an unsettling array of paranormal activity during the job.

Located in Tacoma, Washington, the house had been purchased this past September by a man who was unaware of its macabre history and simply hoped to make a profit by remodeling the home and reselling it.

However, for contractor Casey Clopton, things seemed amiss from his very first visit to the home, when we inspected it alongside his eleven-year-old daughter, who wrote down his notes about the job.

According to Clopton, the little girl said she felt “weird” and began crying until they had to leave the house.

The unnerving feeling was echoed by a member of his crew the next week when they began working on the home.

Nonetheless, the persisted and things began to get even weirder.

Clopton claims there was one occasion where every door and cabinet door had somehow been left open even though the house had been locked overnight and another instance where workers spotted the words “help me” written on the glass of a basement window.

Perhaps the most haunting event was when they noticed the word “leave” written in an otherwise undisturbed layer of dust on the ground.

The contractor subsequently asked around the neighborhood and learned about the home’s connection to the infamous serial killer who is believed to have murdered more than 30 women throughout the 1970’s and was executed in 1989.

As such, Clopton actually enlisted a pair of pastors to come and bless the home in an effort to eradicate whatever dark energy was lingering there.

In fact, on the advice of the holy men, the work crew wrote Bible verses on the walls of the home to protect them from whatever had previously plagued them.

It appears that the tactic worked as they were able to finish the work without any further incidents and the house was subsequently sold to new owners who apparently never asked about the home’s unique history.

Let’s hope they don’t hear from the same spirits that visited Clopton and his crew or else the home may be back on the market very soon.

Source: News Tribune



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