‘Elvis’ Appears at Graceland Again



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Ardent fans of Elvis Presley who believe that the beloved singer faked his death are pointing to a new series of photos as proof that The King is alive and well.

The images come from an Elvis birthday celebration held at Graceland on January 8th.

What caught the attention of Elvis death hoax enthusiasts was the presence of a heavyset man who was standing among the spectators and sported a bushy white beard, dark sunglasses, and a baseball cap.

This mysterious man, they say, is none other than The King himself, lurking amidst his fans as they gather to celebrate his birthday.

Behind the man, the conspiracy theorists claim, are three bodyguards tasked with ostensibly protecting Elvis in case one of the other people in attendance realize that The King has entered the proverbial building.

Similar suspicions surrounding a still-living Elvis possibly appearing at Graceland erupted last summer when a visitor photographed a groundskeeper who was thought to resemble how the singer would look today.

However, the man later emerged to refute claims that he was The King and, especially, that he was 81 years old.

On that note, considering that Elvis would now be 82, the window is quickly closing on the chance for the iconic entertainer to make a comeback if he really did fake his death.

Then again, the Rolling Stones are still out on the road, so perhaps Elvis has a few shows left in him should he ever decide to emerge from his exile, provided he is still alive, of course.

Coast Insiders can revisit the infamous Elvis death hoax theory by checking out R. Gary Patterson and Xaviant Haze’s 3/5/2015 appearance on the program.

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