Family in England Forced to Flee Haunted Flat



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An upset mother in England says that she and her one-year-old son were forced to flee their apartment due to troubling ghostly activity in the home.

Tacy Bruce detailed a number of strange events that occurred over the last few months which ultimately led to her refusing to return to the apartment which was provided by the city of York

Specifically, she cited objects moving on their own, something unexplained violently scratching her back, and unseen forces seemingly tormenting her son to the point of hysterics.

Additionally, Bruce claims that the ‘presence’ in the home has manifested itself as a child, a person, and an animal at various times.

Unfortunately, her attempts to document the haunting have only managed to produce ambiguous footage that shows instances such as an orb floating through a room.

As one might expect, skeptics have been less than impressed with Bruce’s purported proof which has only exacerbated her plight.

“I’m sick of people telling me they are reflections, light or dust,” she lamented to the newspaper The Northern Echo.

Hoping for some salvation, Bruce enlisted help of both a parish priest and a psychic but neither proved successful in eradicating the evil spirits.

After the interventions failed, she tried to get the city to move her into a different apartment, but housing officials said that her situation did not meet the requirements for such a transfer.

As such, Bruce and her son abandoned the apartment around the start of the year and are refusing to return.

“I’m petrified to go back there with my son,” she told the Northern Echo, possibly in the hopes that the media attention surrounding her story will lead to city officials having a change of heart.

At the very least, it’s almost certain that the apartment will now be plagued with a different kind of ‘paranormal entity’ very soon: ghost hunters.

Source: The Northern Echo



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