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An interesting video from a town in Normandy, France appears to show a series of anomalous glowing lights which some suspect could be a UFO.

The footage was purportedly captured by a witness who spotted the mysterious illuminations and filmed them with his cell phone.

According to the researcher who received the video, numerous residents of the unnamed French village also saw the strange scene although this is the only footage available of the event at this time.

Aside from that scant description, little else is known about the alleged mass sighting although it is believed to have occurred this past weekend.

And, in keeping with similar UFO events, the witness claims that the craft simply vanished, but that is not featured in the video because the battery of their cell phone died.

UFO enthusiasts who have studied the footage have surmised that the nebulous glowing oddity is likely one craft.

However, skeptical viewers have put forward a compelling argument that the ‘UFO’ is actually just a fire burning on a mountain in the distance which is obscured by the weather and the darkness of night.

Indeed this does seem like a strong possibility for the source of the mystery lights and one wishes that more insight was known about the exact location of the sighting, since that would indicate if the ‘UFO’ was on a mountain and not in the sky.

Then again, it seems odd that the witnesses wouldn’t know that they were looking at a mountain and realize that the ‘flying saucer’ was a fire.

Perhaps the only aspect of the footage that is not up for debate is that it is one of the more picturesque settings for a UFO video to come along in quite some time.

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Source: Daily Mail



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