Group of Bigfoot Filmed by Yellowstone Webcam?



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While watching a webcam aimed at Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser on Christmas Day, a Bigfoot enthusiast believes that he spotted a group of Sasquatch gathering in the area.

Going by the name ‘Bahinko’ on YouTube, the man explains that he first noticed a pair of dark objects moving around on the live stream.

Recalling that a similar sighting occurred about two years ago near Old Faithful, Bahinko grabbed his cell phone and filmed the scene unfolding on his computer screen.

The duo of anomalous ‘figures’ are soon joined by four companions, seemingly walking on two legs and communicating with each other.

Reminiscent of when a UFO appears on the ISS streaming feed, the operator of the Yellowstone webcam then quickly changes where the camera is aimed and the potential Bigfoot are pushed off camera.

Unfortunately, Bahinko’s rudimentary method for recording the incident resulted in his video being rendered extremely hazy, which even he concedes.

“My biggest fear is that because of the poor quality nobody will watch it or think it could be important,” he laments in the video description.

Bahinko continues, “sure the video is awful and blurry but look at it a couple of times and you realize it is still good enough to make out what is happening.”

Indeed, despite there are some details to the footage which are pretty remarkable, notably that the ‘creatures’ appear to be bipedal.

Perhaps even more intriguing than the video is the fact that someone switched the feed soon after the possible Bigfoot appeared, suggesting an active cover up of the creature’s presence at Yellowstone.

The obvious skeptical response to Bahinko’s video is that the ‘Bigfoot’ are simply tourists out for a Christmas Day adventure at Old Faithful.

Without a better view of the webcam video, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever really know what exactly Bahinko saw on the live stream.

That said, it should inspire others to keep an eye on the Yellowstone feed and maybe Bigfoot will make another appearance in the future.

And, should that occur, let’s hope they can find a better way to capture the event as it happens.

Let us know what you think of the enigmatic footage at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: YouTube



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