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An intriguing piece of footage from Los Angeles shows a police helicopter circling an odd metallic-looking orb that is floating in the sky.

Area resident Julian Lopez filmed the weird scene early last week and his video has already amassed an astounding 250,000 views on YouTube.

In the footage, he marvels that “there’s a UFO over the San Gabriel Valley” and observes that it looks like a balloon, but appears to be untethered.

While that alone would make for a fairly pedestrian UFO video, the presence of a police helicopter flying around the object adds an additional layer of strangeness to the footage.

According to Lopez, not one but two police helicopters were apparently dispatched to the area around the UFO to get a better look at it.

Unfortunately for the witness himself, Lopez had to stop watching the event because he had to get his kids ready to go to school, but he noted that the object seemed to be drifting towards the west after being stationary for quite some time.

Authorities have been relatively quiet about what occurred that specific morning, although they have said that helicopters are routinely used to respond to potential airborne objects which could prove to be dangerous.

Meanwhile, some local residents who also saw the anomalous flying object around the same time believe they may have already solved the mystery.

Thanks to a telephoto image from one quick-thinking witness, it is suspected that the ‘UFO’ was an advertising balloon that somehow went astray, since the object appears to feature the logo of a local company.

While the business has yet to respond to inquiries surrounding the incident, the theory sounds solid since the object in the photo strongly resembles the ‘UFO.’

Nonetheless, until either the company or authorities confirm the connection, there remains the slim possibility that Lopez filmed something truly phenomenal in the sky.

That said, considering the unsettling escalation of tensions with North Korea, perhaps it would be best if the object really was a balloon rather than a more worrisome alternative.

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Source: Pasadena Star News



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