Massive Cruise Ship Nearly Crashes Into House



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A normally breathtaking view from a home in Florida’s Port Everglades suddenly turned troubling when an enormous cruise ship barreled frighteningly close to shore.

Homeowner Bill Todhunter was aghast when he and his wife spotted the luxury liner heading their way with seemingly no plans to stop.

No doubt feeling like a tiny ant, Todhunter stormed out to his patio and gestured towards at the looming vessel in the hopes of having someone hit the brakes.

Inching ever closer, the cruise ship finally stopped around 100 feet away from the house at which point the agitated observer shouted, “somebody’s going to get fired!”

According to him, this was met with applause from passengers aboard who were no doubt wondering why Todhunter’s house was suddenly on the itinerary.

While they were not able to disembark and buy souvenirs, they were treated to quite the show.

The cruise company has issued a statement which says that the ship was within its proper channels, which Todhunter understandably disputes since he’s not usually visited by luxury liners filled with puzzled tourists.

Although one can empathize with Todhunter’s plight, it’s hard to feel too bad for him since he clearly is doing pretty well for himself these days.

The strange incident, which has already been cleared by authorities, is merely the proverbial tip of the iceberg as far as suspicious activity surrounding cruise ships.

Coast Insider can learn more about this vastly underreported realm of crime and mystery by checking out the 10/26/14 edition of C2C featuring Kendall Carver of the organization International Cruise Victims.

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Source: ABC Miami



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