Multiple Witnesses Report ‘Mothman’ in Chicago



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Three separate witnesses in the Chicago area reportedly spotted an enormous flying creature that some have likened to the legendary Mothman entity.

According to Roger Marsh of MUFON, who received the reports, the sightings all occurred during a four-hour period on an evening in mid-April.

The first known appearance of the creature occurred around 10 PM when the initial witness says that she and her husband as well as a pair of friends noticed what looked like an enormous bat flying over them while they were out on Lake Michigan.

She speculated that the monstrous flying beast was around six-and-a-half feet long and possessed eerie eyes that glowed in the moonlight.

Although the mysterious creature departed rather quickly, the group then saw a bright green UFO skim across the sky.

The pair of odd observations left the witness shaken as she told MUFON that “I began feeling this overwhelming sensation of dread and told my husband that I felt that it was prudent that we get off the water as quickly as possible.”

A subsequent sighting of the creature happened a mere thirty minutes later when a group of people noticed a huge owl-like creature that looked to be six feet tall and had glowing red eyes.

The scene was so strange that they speculated that it could have been a Lechuza, which is a legendary shapeshifting entity in Mexico that transforms from an old woman into an owl.

In the final report, a man said that he and his co-workers saw the creature at around two in the morning that same night.

He marveled to MUFON that the flying ‘thing’ was nearly seven feet tall and was jet black aside from bright yellow eyes.

Similar to the initial witness, the man said that the creature made everyone feel “very uneasy” and some of his more daring co-workers actually threw rocks at it!

While Marsh stresses that the series of reports could be hoaxes, Chicago residents may want to keep an eye on the sky over the next few weeks in case the puzzling creature makes another appearance in the area.

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