New Twist in the North Dakota ‘7-Mile-Long Bigfoot Trail’ Case



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The story of the North Dakota tracker who claimed to have followed a seven-mile-long trail of Bigfoot prints has taken an odd turn via an anonymous letter sent to a local TV station.

Christopher Bauer made headlines a few weeks ago when he told reporters that he’d followed a series of Bigfoot tracks that stretched for seven miles on Christmas day after his neighbor spotted the creature.

But Bauer’s experience as a potential Bigfoot tracker is being called into question thanks to a letter someone sent to WDAY in Fargo.

The unnamed individual says that they are responsible for Bauer’s Bigfoot tracks and that he was simply the victim of a prank gone awry.

Expressing remorse for causing the crypto confusion, the author contends that he only wanted to fool a friend of his and created the tracks using a wooden cut out affixed to his feet.

Although WDAY did not release the full contents of the lengthy letter, the TV station asserted that the author admitted to being drunk at the time of the hijinks which probably shouldn’t surprise anyone.

However, inconsistencies between Buaer’s story and the account found in the mysterious missive, specifically surrounding the seven-mile length of the Bigfoot trail, cast doubt on the veracity of the letter.

Additionally, it appears that the author provided no proof for their purported ‘Bigfoot shoes,’ while Bauer has produced photos of the tracks that he followed during his trek.

Unless the self-proclaimed prankster steps forward with additional information or to reveal themselves, what exactly Bauer saw that day will likely remain debatable for the foreseeable future.

Taking things to a level reminiscent of the movie Inception, Bauer theorizes that the letter is an attempt to disparage his Bigfoot story by crafting a hoax which alleges that the event was a prank.

And somewhere out there Sasquatch simply snickers at the futility of those who wish to find him.

Source: WDAY



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