North Dakota Man Says He Tracked Bigfoot for Seven Miles!



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A seasoned trapper in North Dakota claims that he tracked the legendary and elusive Bigfoot for an astounding seven miles!

After a neighbor reported seeing a large, hairy creature peering through her window on Christmas day, Christopher Bauer set out to investigate the situation and discovered huge footprints in the snow nearby.

The trail of prints, which he said ultimately numbered in the hundreds, stretched for an incredible seven miles.

According to Bauer, the Bigfoot trail eventually crossed a highway before finally disappearing when the creature apparently ventured into a series of hills in the area.

Based on his experience with local wildlife, Bauer is convinced that the tracks came from a Bigfoot, especially since they measured a whopping 18 inches long and were 8 inches wide!

He also reported that the creature appeared to have a four-foot stride and the its massive size made it easy to follow the prints, since they were easily apparent amidst the snow.

Another intriguing insight that Bauer shared from his observations of the trail was that it looked like the creature stopped twice to snag something to eat from the snow, likely a small rodent.

Fortunately, Bauer took a few photos of the tracks during his pursuit of the cryptid and has sent them to researcher Jeff Meldrum at the University of Idaho.

Skeptics will no doubt contend that Bauer is either mistaken or was the victim of a clever hoax.

However it seems unlikely that he would misidentify such a unique print and the possibility that someone would fake a Sasquatch sighting by walking for seven miles through the snow may actually be more unbelievable than the Bigfoot hypothesis.

Check out the video which details Bauer’s story and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Grand Forks Herald



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