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An intriguing video submitted to MUFON by a witness in New Hampshire appears to show an anomalous orb chasing after a jet as it flies through the sky.

The incident apparently took place back in April, but has only come to light this past week when the renowned UFO research group posted the footage online.

In the 40 second clip, an odd white ball of light can be seen flying a short distance behind and above a jet as if it is monitoring or tailing the airliner.

Eventually, the UFO reaches a point where it seems to catch up to the jet before the two craft disappear from view.

According to the witness, who lives in the town of Lincoln, military pilots often fly through the skies of the area when they are in training.

However, the strange orb does not look like any conventional aircraft that would be permitted to fly so close to the jet.

The witness also claims that, after the pair of flying objects flew out of his range of sight, three more jets and a helicopter appeared in a manner suggested that they were following the puzzling coupling of craft.

Although UFO enthusiasts argue that the video shows an ET vehicle engaging, possibly surreptitiously, with the airliner, others theorize that perhaps the witness had actually spotted a test of secret military aircraft.

Skeptics, on the other hand, argue that the ‘UFO’ is probably just another airplane which is flying at a different altitude and, thus, looks like it is interacting with the jet but that is merely an illusion created by the perspective of the camera.

Should the unknown object actually be a UFO, it would not be the first time that ETs have made their presence felt in New Hampshire’s White Mountains as the region is famous for being the site of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

Coast Insiders can learn more about that legendary UFO event by checking out the 4/11/2016 edition of the program featuring filmmaker Jeff Finn.

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