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Something strange appeared in the sky over Austin, Texas on Monday night and wildly differing reports from witnesses only serve to make the event even more baffling.

Rachel Jensen told FOX7 in Austin that she and her roommate spotted a trio of orange lights that seemed to be in a triangular formation.

Although she tried to record the remarkable event, Jensen’s video is ambiguous at best, but does show at least one of the glowing orbs.

According to her, the objects eventually rose in altitude and sped away out of sight.

Jensen was apparently not the only person to notice something out of the ordinary that evening as five people from Louisiana and Texas called the American Meteor Society around the same time.

The assessment of the AMS, based on the reports, is that the anomaly was a fireball, which is exactly what one would expect the American Meteor Society to conclude.

Meanwhile, another angle on the event comes from a photographer who captured a slightly curved line of light descending over the Austin skyline.

Taken together, the reports are rather puzzling as Jensen described the lights as more akin to intelligently-controlled craft and even outright told FOX7 that “I believe they were UFOs.”

Skeptics will likely say that Jensen is simply mistaken about her observation and that what she perceived as the ‘UFOs’ flying away was actually pieces of the fireball descending to the ground.

Additionally, assuming that the AMS is not working in conjunction with a vast conspiracy to conceal the truth about UFOs, their determination that the event was a fireball does seem to coincide well with the somewhat perplexing photograph.

Another possibility that should be considered is that both events took place on Monday evening with Jensen seeing a UFO while others spotted a fireball and the coincidental timing caused them to be conflated into one lone ‘flying saucer flap.’

One final hypothesis, which argues that UFOs are conjured by the mind, is that all of the witnesses were seeing the same event but perceived it differently based on their own personal perspective.

Coast Insiders looking to explore that forward-thinking concept for UFOs can check out parapsychologist Carl Oulette’s appearance on the 9/27/2015 edition of the program.

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Source: FOX7 Austin



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