Sasquatch Tracks Found in Washington?



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A Bigfoot researcher in Washington state suspects that a half-mile series of intriguing tracks discovered in the snow earlier this week may be a sign of Sasquatch.

The odd impressions were found on Monday by a resident in the town of Sunnyslope who noticed the prints in a field.

A subsequent investigation by veteran Bigfoot researcher Paul Graves shed additional light on the trail of tracks that boasted an enormous stride.

According to his observations, the tracks measure around two feet long and approximately five inches wide at the heel, but were strangely only two inches deep.

Grave’s theory for the remarkably shallow depth of the prints is that it is due to both natural weathering and the enormous foot of the Sasquatch acting almost like a snowshoe for the creature.

A closer examination of the prints indicated that there were no signs that they came from deer hooves and the incredible single-file nature of the line of the tracks seems impossible for a human to accomplish while wearing snowshoes.

Along with a group of other researchers and a local reporter, Graves tracked the lengthy trail of prints through two orchards, a field, and even across a road.

While skeptics will no doubt suggest any number of natural, non-Bigfoot related, causes for the perplexing series of prints, Graves and his fellow investigators were fairly confident that the tracks came from the legendary cryptid.

Unfortunately, since the tracks were not found until long after their creator had left the area, the investigators were left with little more than photos, measurements, and some plaster casts of the prints.

That said, the puzzling prints are perfectly timed to the news earlier in the week that Bigfoot is about to be named Washington state’s official cryptid.

With that in mind, perhaps the tracks found in Sunnyslope were simply the result of Sasquatch celebrating its impending title with a night on the town.

Source: Wenatchee World



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