Scottish couple offers generous salary to nanny to care for children in haunted house


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Couple offering au pair $84,000 to work in haunted house.

IF IT sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A Scottish couple is offering a generous yearly salary of $84,000 to their new live-in nanny but there’s a seriously creepy catch. The job sounds like it could be the next sequel of The Conjuring.

The pair posted an ad looking for an au pair who could look after children and clean their home, which is actually haunted. So much so, they’ve gone through five au pairs in the past year alone.

In an ad posted on, the couple said along with the $84,000 they’ll chuck in a room with an ensuite and private kitchen plus 28 paid days off a year. It’s all sounding pretty good until they reveal the reason for the perks.

“We have lived in our home for nearly 10 years. We were told it was ‘haunted’ when we bought it, but kept our minds open and decided to buy the house regardless,” the ad said.

“Five nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason, including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving.

“This has obviously been a period of great upheaval for our children. We haven’t personally experienced any supernatural happenings, as they have been reported only while we’ve been out of the house, but we’re happy to pay above the asking rate, and feel it’s important to be as upfront as possible to find the right person.”

The couple lives in a small village in the Scottish Borders and have two children aged five and seven.

They describe their property as “love, spacious, historic” and “in a remote spot with spectacular views”.

Other than dealing with the paranormal, the nanny is required to prepare breakfast, get the children ready in the morning, do the school drop off and pick up, help with homework and get the children ready for bed.

“My husband and I are both very busy professionals who are often required to work away and there are occasions, up to 4 nights per week, (weekdays only) when we will both be away and you will be at the property alone in sole charge” the ad said. founder Richard Conway told BBC they were stunned when they saw the ad.

“Some of the guys at HQ were sceptical but after talking to the family and their previous employees we realised it was a genuine position,” he said.

“We have hundreds of thousands of providers on the site and we’re hoping that one of them will be able to help them.

“We’ve had some weird and wonderful families find childcare providers through the site, however I think this is probably the most interesting story we’ve heard.

“The family has assured us that no harm has come to anyone living in the house, however the nanny will have to have a strong disposition.”

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