Thousands of Skittles Spilled on Wisconsin Highway



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In a scene reminiscent of the aftermath of a hailstorm hitting Candyland, a stretch of highway in Wisconsin was covered in a sea of Skittles earlier this week.

According to authorities, “hundreds of thousands” of pink Skittles littered the road and left law enforcement scratching their heads.

Workers who cleaned up the mess noted that a thick aroma from the fruit flavored candy filled the air as they swept the Skittles from the highway.

Fortunately, the mystery did not linger for too long as police determined the source of the Skittles and they had a rather unusual and somewhat unsettling origin.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says that the Skittles were likely “rejects from the factory” that were given to a farmer to feed his livestock.

“Apparently, they’re good nutrients for cattle,” said a somewhat incredulous Schmidt to news station WTMJ.

Indeed, that burger you had for lunch may have come from a cow that was fed rejected Skittles.

Somewhere from the factory to the farm, Schmidt says, a giant box of the Skittles that was put in the back of a truck managed to burst open and the candies spilled out onto the highway.

Clearly dedicated his work solving crimes and capers, Schmidt also attempted to decipher the flavor of the now-infamous Skittles during a taste test with WTMJ.

Schmidt’s verdict: “I think it could have been a mixed berry or some sort of a mixed berry.”

With such attention to detail exhibited by the officer, let’s hope that his next big case involves Bigfoot, because he just might solve that mystery too.

Source: WTMJ



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