UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2017-09-11 20:02:00 – Saw 4 balls of light falling in sky each disappearing and coming back line up w/ others dance around each other bobbing. saw another green one watching stationary in nw, 1 at a time disappeared till gone. saw 1 exact same 2 nights before

On september the 9th 2017 i was on my way to my friends house in a taxi cab about 7:30-8 at night. while driving i look up to see a ball of light bobbling around above me right below the clouds. this lasted about 3 seconds before it disappeared, well it went out like an old lantern would when you would snuff the flame. i told the driver, you're going to think i'm nuts but i just saw something super weird in the sky. two nights later on september 11th 2017, i'm in my house and it's about 8 pm when someone started loudly banging on my door. this scared me as i am a female, was home alone and was not expecting anyone. i went into a back bedroom while i listened to whoever it was or whatever they were doing. as i'm sitting in the room i see out my window to the north 3-4 lights bright round lights sort of falling downwards. as i'm seeing this they started to move into a horizontal line while some were disappearing and then would reappear. i ran to my deck which is directly out side of the same window with my phone to video and get pictures and at this time i notice a plane flying over them as well. i had no idea as to what worldly these could be because of their actions, how they flew, how they looked. i did not feel afraid during this but more excited and wowed by them. they would dance around each other almost like doing figure eights and then line into a perpendicular line. still while some would disappear and come back in a different area then they last were. also some would go into each other and become one. so they would fly up and down side to side but all while slowly "falling" downward, till they reached to about the tree line and then one by one they disappeared for good. they were in the sky for about 5 minutes totall. while i'm watching all this and taking pictures, i notice a bright green stationary light out to the north west which seemed as if it was watching all this. i took a picture of this as well but i was more focused on the several lights straight out to the north. now once they had gone this green light seemed to zip to the left, stop then zoom right over my head till gone too. almost seconds after this sighting a large all black helicopter flew into the same area flying in circles almost and went directly over my head till they finally left too. the helicopter was only there for about 30 seconds. a couple things i want to mention; i got some good pictures but spent a lot of the time capturing video, when i went back to watch the videos they were all just a white screen that would say unable to play video when i'd try to play it. it is a possibility that it was because i was close to being out of storage space on my phone. also during the sighting, while on my deck i jumped afraid because i swore i heard someone step behind me and i saw a shadow move as if there was a person coming up behind me. when i looked there wasn't anything there. maybe it was nothing or just my nerves i'm not sure. after that though i felt very unnerved by it.


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