UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 2017-09-05 20:50:00 – Literally just appeared in sky and hovered still for approximately 5 mins… did not move. then ascended upwards approximately 20 feet then vanished

Object appeared in the sky as my son and i were sitting outside. he seen it 1st and said "mom, what is that"..?? !!! "it looks like nebula"!!(note: he and i discussed this and read about it. my son is 12) i looked up and said.. "it's definitely not the moon"… as having my phone in hand, i snapped 2 photos. i then continued to look at this object standing next to my son. he then said "mom, it's moving upwards… i said omg it is!!! then it just vanished. i cropped the 2 photos as to see closer. oddly enough there are eyes, face… as i will add these 2 images


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