UFO Sighting in Sevilla, Andalucía on 2017-08-05 00:00:00 – Black color swing w/ 8 light bottom and mid-grey cloud/beam parallel moving object

Incident happened on 8th day of our spain trip (seville). we stayed at q&q suite cathedral duplex apartment from 4-6 august 2017. around 12:30 midnight on 5th august, we have drink at the rooftop facing the cathedral de seville. at about 12:15am i saw a grey-silver object (looks like a cloud changing shape) moving from nw direction with a black-shadow object above the grey-silver cloud/beam – no sound. at first i though it was a silver balloon because i was too focus on the grey-silver cloud/beam. the tricky part was my husband and my son saw the black-oval-like object (swinging) with 8 lights underneath but i can only see the "cloud/beam" with dark shadow above (no lights). if i put all the testimonial together, the "cloud/beam" is moving parallel with the black-oval-like object. before the sighting of object, i was shouting to the sky and complaining why i can't see the stars nor ufo even travel from another part of world to europe. when i was waiting for my husband/son to join for a drink at the rooftop, i saw the cloud/beam object flew towards our direction. later then my husband and son saw the black-oval-like ufo flew over our apartment.


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