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A tranquil walk along the beach turned terrifying for a couple in the English village of Portreath when they spotted a menacing UFO in the sky.

One of the witnesses, oddly using only her last name to protect her identity, says that she and her partner felt like something was amiss when they noticed that their surroundings, including the nearby ocean, had become silent.

“It was an eerie feeling, we felt like we were in a different time zone,” she told a UFO reporting group in the UK.

Things only got weirder for the duo as they then spotted an enormous “black-shaped boomerang object” hovering over them.

Eerily, the mesmerizing object began emitting a humming sound before suddenly vanishing right before their eyes.

The experience proved to be so chilling for the pair that they quickly scrambled away from the scene back to their home where they, incredibly, felt compelled to the lock the doors!

Their sighting follows a similar encounter, which also took place in the region last month, where a pair of women spotted a triangular UFO in a bizarre episode where it appeared as if the object was about to crash.

Much like the Portreath sighting from earlier this week, the witnesses were deeply unsettled by their potential UFO event and one even lamented that it has haunted her ever since.

While both cases will do little to sway the skeptics who discount all eyewitness testimony as inherently flawed, to UFO enthusiasts they are remarkable in the sense that they provide some intriguing insight into the perspectives and feelings of the witnesses as the events unfolded.

Some in the UFO research community argue that these details may hold the key to unlocking the secret of the phenomenon since documenting the minute details of ‘lights in the sky’ has proven fairly fruitless so far.

Coast Insiders can learn about the potential psychological connection to UFOs by checking out parapsychologist Carl Ouellet’s appearance on the 9/27/2015 edition of the program.

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Source: Corwall Live



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