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By their very nature, alleged Bigfoot sightings vary wildly in quality and veracity, but there are a handful of cases that stand out as truly remarkable encounters with the creature that are worthy of note.

YouTube user Top5s has put together a showcase of five of the best stories which suggest that the elusive Sasquatch may really be lurking out there.

One case that stands out from the collection is that of deer hunter Mike Wooley, who allegedly spotted a Bigfoot back in 1981.

According to Wooley, the incident occurred when he first noticed, from his hunting stand high in a tree, a female deer seemingly exhausted from running through the forest.

Expecting to find a male deer in pursuit of the animal, Wooley had his world turned upside down when an eight-foot-tall hairy, bipedal creature came into view.

Examining the oddity through his scope, the hunter was astounded to discover that the creature had the face of a human!

Intriguingly, he also claimed that the creature apparently communicated with something else in the forest via a whistling sound.

Perturbed by the experience, Wooley decided to head back to his truck but his escape proved to be difficult as the creature chased after him.

After firing a warning shot towards his hirsute stalker, the hunter managed to flee from the area and, as he drove away, saw that there were now two Bigfoot in his rear view mirror.

Eerily, in recounting his story over the years, Wooley always insisted that he never shot the initial creature because it looked too much like a human.

What makes Wooley’s case particularly compelling is that the hunter really had no discernible reason to make up such a tale and the case took place decades before Bigfoot became a pop culture icon and household name.

In the early 1980’s, it was far more likely that Wooley would be ridiculed for sharing his experience rather than lauded as a minor paranormal celebrity in modern times, making his story all the more powerful and potentially genuine.

Similar cases detailed in the awesome video include a purported 1855 battle between humans and Bigfoot in Oklahoma and the legendary Bigfoot sighting recounted by president Teddy Roosevelt in 1892.

Check out the complete collection to learn about some of the strongest cases for the creature that continues to elude us after all these years.

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