Video: 5 Puzzling ‘Mystery Person’ Cases That Were Eventually Solved



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Almost an eerie doppelganger to unexplained vanishings are baffling cases of people whose identities were a mystery.

YouTube user Dark5 has compiled a unique collection detailing the rare instances where investigators were finally able to put a name to the ‘mystery person.’

One of the strangest stories featured in the countdown is perplexing tale of a person named Paul Fronczak and the bizarre identity schism that surrounds him.

Fronczak’s mind-bending story began almost literally at birth when he was taken from the hospital by some nefarious individual the day after being born in 1964.

One year later, authorities discovered an abandoned toddler who the Fronczak’s were certain was their beloved Paul.

An apparently not hard to convince FBI agreed and gave the child to the family despite not having any idea if it really was their lost baby.

In the subsequent years, suspicion grew among Paul and his family that perhaps he wasn’t really ‘Paul Fronczak’ and eventually a DNA test in 2012 confirmed what they had long suspected.

While the revelation allowed the now-50-year-old man to finally have some answers as to his true background, it also opened a myriad of new mysteries.

Beyond the question of what happened to the original baby that was taken, the ‘new’ Paul Fronczak also discovered that he had a twin sister who also vanished at the same time that he did.

Other incredibly intriguing cases covered in the collection are the mystery of Lori Ruff and the man who journeyed to England to commit suicide and seemingly left no trace of an identity behind.

And Coast Insider can delve deep into the jaw-dropping story of Paul Fronczak by checking out his appearance on the 4/18/2013 edition of the program with George Knapp, who covered it extensively for KLAS.

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