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Former President George W. Bush recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel program and, as has become tradition, the comedian pressed him for answers about UFOs.

Although the brief exchange was played for comedic effect, the answers provided by Bush are rather intriguing.

“When you were in office,” Kimmel asked, “did you go through the secret files – the UFO documents?”

Amidst audience laughter, Bush merely replied with a “maybe” and then remarked that he had been asked the same question by his daughters.

Kimmel then wondered if the President would even be able to reveal the answer to that question to his family and Bush confirmed that he could not.

Noting that he is now out of office, Kimmel suggested that Bush could “do anything you want,” and the President jokingly agreed but then added the caveat, “I’m not telling you.”

The comedian slyly attempted to discern something from Bush’s answers, but he quickly replied, to a raucous reaction from the audience, “I’m not telling you nothin.'”

And, in perhaps the most tantalizing moment during the conversation, Kimmel asked, “are there really great secrets that you know that you can’t share with people?”

Clearly treading into classified territory, Bush confirmed that, indeed, he did receive such insights but would never share them with the public.

The former President’s answer will no doubt conjure all kinds of speculation in the UFO and conspiracy community, though it is highly unlikely we’ll ever really know what Bush was alluding to.

While it is easy to dismiss the segment as silly entertainment, Kimmel deserves credit for consistently raising the issue of UFOs whenever he has a high profile politician on the program, especially when ‘serious’ journalists still refuse to broach the subject in a similar fashion.

It is both maddening and somewhat fitting that the comedian’s talk show has been responsible for some of the very few public statements about UFOs from Presidents Obama, Clinton, and now Bush.

Let’s hope that someday the right guest will come along that can provide the answers that Kimmel and the rest of us have been waiting for.

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