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An official Chilean government agency aimed at studying UFOs has released an incredible nine minute video of an unidentified craft that has left their experts baffled for the last two years.

Detailed in an extensive piece by investigative journalist Leslie Kean, the initial incident occurred in November 2014 when the crew of a Chilean Navy helicopter spotted a UFO during a normally routine flight.

They then filmed the unidentified object using an infrared camera and notified two different radar stations about the UFO but neither base could detect it.

Strangely, the helicopter’s radar could also not ‘see’ the object, but it was clearly visible to the pilot and co-pilot on board.

The lengthy encounter featured one additional and very bizarre detail in that the UFO apparently ejected a spray of hot gas or water twice while it was being filmed by the infrared camera which picked up the heat signature of the mysterious exhaust.

Attempts to communicate with the object produced no response and the helicopter eventually departed from the area after the UFO disappeared in the clouds.

The remarkable footage was then turned over the CEFAA, which is a group tasked with studying UFOs under the auspices of the Chilean Air Force.

According to the organization, the video was subjected to an exhaustive investigation by the committee which includes a variety of aviation experts.

However, despite numerous meetings to discuss the footage and event, the group could find no explanation for the UFO sighting and nearly every conventional source was eliminated thanks to a wealth of weather, satellite, and radar data made available to them.

An airplane, a drone, space junk re-entering the atmosphere, and a weather balloon were all dismissed as possibilities and analysis of the video determined that the UFO was indeed a three dimensional object and that the footage was not hoaxed.

Ultimately, having been left with no possible answers, the final conclusion from the group was that the object was a genuine “unidentified aerial phenomenon” or, as we like to call it, a UFO.

In the annals of promising UFO cases, this newly-revealed 2014 event may be one of strongest to come along in quite some time, both for the video evidence as well as the stunningly thorough investigation by the Chilean government.

Unfortunately, as always seems to be the case with UFOs, we are still left with more questions than answers when it comes to the mysterious phenomenon.

More information on this tremendous UFO event can be found in Leslie Kean’s lengthy report at the Huffington Post.

Coast Insiders looking to hear more from Leslie Kean can check out her 8/10/2010 appearance on the program.

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