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A normally routine scouting trip by a paranormal research group in England may have inadvertently produced footage of a ghost making its presence known to them.

Three members of the organization known as Paranormal Wiltshire were visiting Amesbury’s Antrobus Hotel earlier in the week when the incident occurred.

Originally built in the 17th century, the building gained a bit of modern fame when it was used by the Beatles for their film Help! and has long been suspected of harboring spirits.

Ironically though, the field trip was not intended to be a ghost hunt and was, in fact, just a preliminary stop at the site to see if it was ideal for future investigations.

It would appear that they got their answer in the form of a strange scene which unfolded right before their eyes.

Captured on security camera footage, as the group members were sitting at a table near the hotel bar, they were stunned when something truly strange happened.

Out of nowhere, the door of a candle lantern suddenly and inexplicably creaked open on its own.

The ghost hunters rushed over to the object to try and decipher what they had just seen, but were left mystified.

According to the witnesses, the latch on the lantern door was particularly unwieldy, making the ‘ghostly moment’ all the more baffling.

Skeptics who see the footage may argue that the event was a clever hoax, perhaps perpetrated by the owners of the hotel, to garner interest from ghost hunters looking for new places to investigate.

For their part, Wiltshire Paranormal conceded that they can’t explain the incident but hope that it truly was a paranormal occurrence.

Check out the footage for yourself and let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Express



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